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G-Force GSR Transmission

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The G-Force GSR is absolutely the end of the line in terms of absolute strength and performance from a 4 speed racing transmission. With its single rail and internally shifted design no other transmission offers the GSR’s uniqueness and versatility. Like the GF4A, the GSR offers both a dual bearing center support and an integrated midplate. Similarly, the GSR offers an internal oil pump of its own that is very similar to the GF4A’s, but unique to the GSR nonetheless. However, an additional feature found on the GSR is its internal shifting mechanism. The GSR incorporates the shifting mechanism directly into the top plate of the transmission. This allows the shifter to be placed directly in the center of the transmission. This innovative feature is crucial when moving the driving position more towards the center of the car.


This is the same transmission that we use in Rich Whiteman's Formula Drift Toyota Chaser and the owner's 1.5JZ S14!


Long Shifter not included but can be ordered as well! We just need to know the shifter location distance to get you the correct one!