Haltech NEXUS R5 + Plug and Pin Set
Haltech NEXUS R5 + Plug and Pin Set
Haltech NEXUS R5 + Plug and Pin Set
Haltech NEXUS R5 + Plug and Pin Set


Haltech NEXUS R5 + Plug and Pin Set

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Plug and Pin Set - Suits Nexus R5
  • use in converting an existing loom to suit NEXUS R5 applications.

    Nexus R5 is Haltech's flagship product combining the functionality of a power distribution module, a data logger, a dual channel wideband controller and a state-of-the art engine management system in one powerful device we call a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit).
    • 4 x 25A (continuous) push-pull PWM capable (5 kHz) outputs (for power to injectors / coils, transbrake, thermofan, fuel pump)
    • 12 x 8A (continuous) high side outputs (low speed PWM, 200 Hz) outputs (power to sensors, NOS solenoids, etc)
    • 18 x peak/hold injector drivers (can be used as low side drive outputs)
    • 12 x low current ignition outputs (can be used as low side drive outputs)
    • 8 x low side drive outputs, PWM capable (DPOs)
    • 4 x push-pull / h-bridge outputs (8A, PWM capable), eg for electronic throttle
    • 23 x 0-5V analog inputs with redunancy for electronic throttle and switchable 5V pullup
    • Trigger and home inputs with differential inputs, adjustable thresholds and glitch filters
    • 10 x synchronous pulsed inputs, zero crossing or adjustable thresholds - cam sensor inputs, frequency inputs or 0-5V analog inputs
    • 2 x onboard wideband controllers, supporting NTK and LSU4.9
    • 3 x CAN ports with switchable termination

    Suits: Racing application where advanced race features, data logging and power management control is required.

    Includes: NEXUS R5 VCU, SurLok connectors (Red and Black), Wi-Fi antenna, mounting bolts, USB-C Cable, USB-C dust cap, USB drive with NSP Software. Plug and pin set: AMP 26 pin key 1 and 3, 34 pin key 1 and 2, DTP-4.



    In many states, it is unlawful to tamper with your vehicle's emissions equipment. Haltech products are designed and sold for sanctioned off-road/competition non-emissions controlled vehicles only and may never be used on a public road or highway. Using Haltech products for street/road use on public roads or highways is prohibited by law unless a specific regulatory exemption exists (more information can be found on the SEMA Action Network website www.semasan.com/emissions for state by state details in the USA). It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user of this product to ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations. Please check with your local vehicle authority before purchasing, using or installing any Haltech product.

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